Proven, affordable personal care products

Purchase unique personal care products at affordable prices. The range of products includes proven solutions for snoring prevention, noise reduction, sound amplification, toilet deodorization, hair removal and hair care as well as unique oral care and other products.

Click on the product name below (or on the shop page) for more details of each product. With each order you will receive FREE a pair of Macks SafeSound soft foam earplugs (for a limited time only).

Snoring prevention 

Somni Snore Guard

This ingenious device is rated by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association as the best, low cost anti-snoring device. It effectively prevents breathing through the mouth, which is the most common cause of snoring, and promotes breathing through the nose.

Restorz nasal strips

The Restorz nasal strip gives instantly clearer airways through the nose by gently opening the nasal passages externally, making breathing easier.

Noise reduction 

Mack’s SafeSound earplugs

Extremely comfortable soft foam earplugs which effectively block out snoring and allow a peaceful night’s sleep, at low cost.

Mack’s Snore Mufflers earplugs

Silicone putty earplugs which mould to fit the ear and block out snoring from any source.

Go Safe pressure reducing aircraft ear plugs

Reduces the discomfort associated with changes in air pressure.

Hair removal & hair care

Epicare hair remover

The easiest and fastest way to remove unwanted facial hair without waxing, bleaching, tweezing or shaving.

Silkymit hair remover

Hair removing glove for smooth legs – the sensible alternative to shaving and waxing.

EnviroCare Bio-Flora pocket comb

Environmentally friendly durable comb.

EnviroCare Bio-Flora large styler comb

Environmentally friendly durable comb.

Helena Superhold clear hair gel

Quick-drying, suitable for all hair types.

Helena Wet Look hair gel

For a gelled-look finish.

Helena Spiking hair gel

For a spiked hair style.

Create Havoc Aqua hair wax

For a firm hold and wet look, washes out with water.

Toilet deodorization 

One-Drop toilet deodorizer

Environmentally friendly and cost effective way to eliminate unpleasant toilet odours.

Oral care 

Source toothbrush

Environmentally friendly toothbrush made from recycled materials with replaceable brush head.

Source toothbrush replacement heads

Brush heads for Source toothbrush – no need to buy a whole new toothbrush.

Radius Cranberry dental floss

Vegan natural cranberry soft floss with natural xylitol and candelilla wax for tooth and gum protection.

Bryton Pick

Convenient alternative to dental floss.

Other products

Papaya Gold paw paw ointment

Paw paw ointment enriched with manuka honey.

Enrich vitamin E cream

High concentration of Vitamin E.

Qtol skin lotion

Soothing antiseptic for sunburn, insect bites, skin irritations.

GT lens cleaning towelettes

Premoistened towelettes for cleaning lenses.

Mansfield N95 surgical masks

Three comfortable masks for easy breathing.

Super Ear

Improve your hearing with personal sound amplification.